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PVC Coated Chain Link Fence


Mesh: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 95mm, 100mm.

Wire diameter: 3.5-6.0mm

Length: 5.0-25.0m

Width: 0.5-4.0m



Material: high quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire.

Weaving and features: hook made; woven simple, beautiful and practical.

Uses: for the stadium, parks, rivers, highways, railways, airports, construction, residential security and so on.


can be uded in gardens, parks, roads, sports, industrial sites, sports field, river banks, construction and residence, also animal fencing

PVC Coated Chian Link fence Dimension
Mesh Wire Diameter Width Length
40mmx40mm 2.8mm--3.8mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
50mmx50mm 3.0mm--5.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
60mmx60mm 3.0mm--5.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
80mmx80mm 3.0mm--5.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
100mmx100mm 3.0mm--5.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m

Surface treatment Min Max
Electro Galvanized 15g/㎡ 25g/㎡
Hot dip galvanized 30/㎡ 366g/㎡
PVC/PE Coated 400microns 1000microns


There are some different packages of chain link fence for you to choose.

1. Woven bags of the above and bottom,high quality package or as customers requested.

2. In roll ,water proof paper in side and our side with weave bag;carton;wooden case;pallet.

3. According to customers requirement..

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