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Metal Wire Fencing

Surface treatment

Hot dipped galvanized steel wire, then PVC powder coating (Min. 100 micron), or PVC powder painting. It provides additional protection and increases the potential life span.



High security fencing , Prison Mesh Fencing or 358 Mesh Fencing as it is also known, is a highly robust steel Mesh Fencing system. It consists of horizontal and vertical mesh wires which are positioned close together to prevent people from fitting their fingers through the apertures, to ultimately climb the fencing.

Mesh size 3"(75mm)*0.5"(12.5mm) resistance welded well at each intersection
Wire diameter 8 gauge(4mm) horizontal wire and vertical wire
Welded strength Range 540-690N/m2
Installation Overlapped 75mm minimum at each post (shown as the below photo) for securing with slotted clamp bars and M8 diameter bolts
Material high grade steel for maximum strength and rigidity
Post section 60×60mm,80×60mm, 80×80mm or 120×60mm
Post plate thickness 2.5mm or 3.0mm
Finish inside and outside galvanized (Min. 275 g/m2), subsequently covered with a polymer powder (Min. 60 micron )
Colors Green RAL 6005, or Black RAL 9005
Post cap 80×60mm and 120×60mm post with metal caps, and 80×80mm post with plastic cap
Metal clips and clamps are hot dip galvanized then powder coating in green or black color.

Panel Size (Height*Width) Fence Post (Height*Size*Thickness) Clamp Bar (Height*Width*Thickness) Inter or corner clamp NO(PCS)
2007mm*2515mm 2700mm*60*60*2.5mm 2007mm*60mm*5.00mm 7 or 14
2400mm*2515mm 3100mm*60*60*2.5mm 2400mm*60mm*5.00mm 9 or 18
2997mm*2515mm 3800mm*80*80*2.5mm 2997mm*80mm*6.00mm 11 or 22
3302mm*2515mm 4200mm*80*80*2.5mm 3302mm*80mm*6.00mm 12 or 24
3607mm*2515mm 4500mm*100*60*3.0mm 3607mm*100mm*7.00mm 13 or 26
3607mm*2515mm 4500mm*100*100*3.0mm 3607mm*100mm*7.00mm 13 or 26
4204mm*2515mm 5200mm*100*100*4.0mm 4204mm*100mm*8.00mm 15 or 30
4496mm*2515mm 5500mm*100*100*5.0mm 4496mm*100mm*8.00mm 16 or 32
5207mm*2515mm 6200mm*120*120*5.0mm 5207mm*100mm*8.00mm 18 or 36


Wire mesh panel: 1.it has soft sponge at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the bottom fence panel to be damaged by metal pallet.2.it has 4 metal corners to keep the pallet be more strong.

Wire mesh post: woven bags at the bottom of the pallet for Cheap Galvanized Anti Climb Metal 358 Security Wire Mesh Fence



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