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PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Netting

Features of hexagonal wire mesh

1. corrosion- resistant, rust-resistant.

2. oxidation –resistant, good tensile strength.

3. uniform mesh size, flat and even mesh surface, weave tightly.

4. galvanized /pvc coated for longer life, low costs

5. easy to handle and cut.



Patterns: normal twist and reverse twist.

Uses: Warping up of pipeline, heat preservation and freeze prevention of boiler in oil petroleum and chemical industry; reinforcement in cement concrete; also serves as fencing mesh in feeding chicken, duck and animals; as protecting mesh for window and gardens.

Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh

1. Electro galvanized before weaving, Electro galvanized after weaving,

2. Hot dipped galvanized before weaving, hot dipped galvanized after weaving

Hexagonal wire mesh,galvanized after weaving, resulting in optimal protection against rust.

Surface treatments (material)

1. Hot -dipped galvanized after weaving

2. Hot -dipped galvanized before weaving

3. Electro galvanized before weaving

4. PVC-coated

5. Stainless steel

Galvanized hex.wire netting in normal twist Specification
Mesh Wire Gauge(BWG)
Inch MM
3/8'' 10mm 27,26,24,23,22,21
1/2'' 13mm 25,24,23,22,21,20
5/8'' 16mm 27,26,25,24,23,22
3/4'' 20mm 25,24,23,22,21,20,19
1'' 25mm 22,21,20,19,18
1-1/4'' 32mm 22,21,20,19,18
1-1/2'' 40mm 22,21,20,19,18,17
2'' 50mm 22,21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14
3'' 75mm 21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14
4'' 100mm 17,16,15,14

For strengthening purposes,this fence has double edged wires and the heights from 100cm at the mesh from 25mm are provided with an extra horizontal wire for better stability.

The mesh from 25mm are"reverse-twisted", the mesh smaller than 25mm are twisted five times, this way of weaving ensures that the product has higher resistance.

Galvanized hex.wire netting in reverse twist Specification
Mesh Wire Gauge Reinforcement
Inch MM BWG Width Strand
1'' 25mm 22,21,20,19,18 2'' 1
1-1/4'' 32mm 22,21,20,19,18 3'' 2
1-1/2'' 40mm 20,19,18 4'' 3
2'' 50mm 20,19,18 5'' 4
3'' 75mm 20,19,18 6'' 5


1. In bundles with plastic film

2. Pallet

3. Customized Packages

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