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U Tie Wire


The finished product is mainly used as binding wire, construction wire and other industries. Its use not only saves manpower and material resources, but also reduces waste. It is the first choice of the construction industry.



U type wire mainly uses low carbon raw materials, through the wire drawing, annealing process.

Characteristics: good surface gloss, uniform zinc layer, strong adhesive force and long lasting corrosion resistance.

U Type Tie Wire Sizes: wire diameter from 0.6mm to 1.5mm

U Type Wire Length: According to our customers' needs.

Packing of U Type Tie Wire: According to our customers' requirements.

U Type Tie Wire Advantages: strong adhesion, good anticorrosion, shiny color etc.

U Type Tie Wire Materials: Black annealed wire, electro galvanized wire, hot-dip galvanized wire and so on.

U Type Tie Wire Utilization: It can also be fixed by the customers' labor hours, material, but also reduce waste. It’s the best choice in the construction industry. Besides, U Type Iron Wire is widely used in banding of wall materials, as well as in daily application.

U Type Wire
Materials Wire Diameter Weight / Bundle Weight / Carton Weight / Pallet Application
Galvanized Wire 0.78mm-1.6mm 200g/ Bundle 10kg/ Carton 1000kg/ Pallet Tying and heat preserving in construction
Black Wire 0.78mm-1.6mm 200g/ Bundle 10kg/ Carton 1000kg/ Pallet Construction Tying

Dia(mm) Length(mm)
0.7mm 250,300,350,400,450,500,550,600,650,700,750
0.8mm 250,300,350,400,450,500,550,600,650,700,750
0.9mm 250,300,350,400,450,500,550,600,650,700,750
1.2mm 350-550,600-650-750
0.81mm-1.2mm 250mm-750mm
Pvc1.2mm 350,450,550-750
The length could be produced as requirement.



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