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Dutch Wire Mesh

Material: SS302, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L

Weave: Plain Weave, Twilled Weave, Plain Dutch Weave, Twill Dutch Weave.

Performance: Stainless steel Dutch wire mesh offers excellent acid resistance, alkaline resistance and heat resistance. Also high tensile strength and good antirust property.



1. High precision filtration,good solvent resistance

2. Corrosion resistance,chemical resistance,good heat-melting resistance

3. No fluctuation of material flow,no product deformation,excellent quality stability

4. No waste product or waste material.and little material consumption occur when the screen changer works.


PFM screen offers wide range filter screens for automatic,continuous screen changers used for polymer melt filtration in every segment of plastics processing including:brown film,blow molding,sheet and film extusion,filaments & fibers,pipe and profile,pelletizing,BIAX(BOPP and BOPS).

Stainless Steel Dutch Wire Mesh is mainly used as screening and filtering materials in oil industry, chemical industry, electronics, grain, rubber and other industries.


50 100 150micron dutch weave stainless steel wire mesh screen for filter

1. 30-50m/roll in PVC bag

2. 2-8 rolls per carton

3. waterproof bags outside

4. package belt strengthen

Mesh Wire Dia. (MM) Material (AISI)
12mesh x 64mesh 0.58 x 0.40 304 or 316
24mesh x 110mesh 0.36 x 0.25 304 or 316
14mesh x 88mesh 0.50 x 0.33 304 or 316
30mesh x 150mesh 0.23 x 0.18 304 or 316
40mesh x 200mesh 0.18 x 0.13 304 or 316
50mesh x 250mesh 0.14 x 0.11 304 or 316
80mesh x 700mesh 0.10 x 0.08 304 or 316
165mesh x 800mesh 0.071 x 0.040 304 or 316
165mesh x 1400mesh 0.06 x 0.04 304 or 316
200mesh x 1800mesh 0.05 x 0.032 304 or 316
825mesh x 2300mesh 0.035 x 0.025 316L
400mesh x 2800mesh 0.030 x 0.02 316L



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