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Low FRP gratings convenient installation: the use of FRP gratings greatly reduce components weight, thereby reducing the weight of the support structure, do not need to use the lifting equipment installation, both economical and convenient.



FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) grid is a kind of glass fiber reinforced material, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, through special processing and become a kind of plate material, with lots of blank space FRP gratings can be used as a structural material, used for the floor of the corrosion environment, trench cover, platform, ship deck, stairs, plank road, China petrochemical special gutter cover plate, etc.


The proportion of low glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate light weight: it at around 1.8, its weight was only about a quarter of the steel, is two-thirds of aluminum;

Low high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate, its strength is ten times the rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), absolute strength much more than aluminum, to achieve the level of the ordinary steel;

Low corrosion resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic grille board: it is not rust, no mildew, no corruption, no need to paint, ability a lot of gas and liquid medium corrosion;

Fatigue resistance, low glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate FRP gratings have some flexibility, which makes people working on it for a long time to feel comfortable, as a work platform, reduce the staff the legs and back tension, increased comfort, work to improve work efficiency, recommended by human engineers;

Good comprehensive economic benefits: low glass fiber reinforced plastic grille board and ordinary carbon steel, FRP grating comprehensive cost is low, although its one-time investment is higher than the ordinary carbon steel, because of its long service life, generally can be used for twenty years, and no maintenance, thus its comprehensive economic benefit is significantly superior to use carbon steel;

Low glass fiber reinforced plastic grille security: in the process of installation and use of FRP grating will not produce edm by collision, especially suitable for use in flammable and explosive environment, in addition, with non-slip surface of the grating can prevent slipping, reduce accidents.


Due to the presence of corrosive liquid, gas, metal corrosion rapidly in these areas, although the anti-corrosion layer and other measures, but for the components of the corrosion is still surprisingly, not only cause bad production environment, and affect production safety, sometimes have to stop production maintenance, use the glass fiber reinforced plastic grille as structural materials in these areas can have very good effect, it has a long service life, low cost, safe and reliable, no maintenance, and beautiful and easy, and a series of advantages.Of such products in the United States has used more than 30 years, the use, production sales of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille now normalization, standardization, commercialization, and dosage is considerable.In the gulf region, the Middle East oil field reconstruction work, by the expert argumentation, and think that the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille is the most economic and reasonable material, and therefore are a lot of use.

Mariana trench cover: many chemical plants, smelters, electrolytic plant, power plant, chemical processing workshop, electroplating factory, storage battery factory, machinery factory of pickling plant, pharmaceutical factory, dyeing factory, salt and so on all have a lot of cooking, cooking is more corrosive liquid, traditional cooking useful Angle steel, flat iron plate welding, cast iron FRP FRP gratings, cement plate, etc., these materials are not corrosion, more than a few years, a few months or less are destroyed, the workshop appears fragmented appearance, the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille is a good way to solve the problem of corrosion, facilitate sewage discharged into the ditch at the same time, also easy to observe in the gutter.

Low double ground: many workshop, the traditional mode of operation is operator, finished goods, waste liquid and waste residue in different ground, it has a lot of inconvenience, easy to cause corrosion damage on the ground.In the entity concept is different, double deck glass fiber reinforced plastic grille ground on the ground, the upper is composed of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, the lower substrate surface for the building, the operator in glass fiber reinforced plastic grille walking on the road surface, finished goods can be placed in glass fiber reinforced plastic grille on the surface, and waste liquid and waste residue, can row to the lower substrate surface, homework finished strong sprinkler irrigation are available, and clear the ground clutter, convenient for operation worker already so, also facilitate management inspection work.

Low glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plank road: chemical plant often have many road, some of them are used in the passage between the devices and equipment, some for the use of patrol, the plank road, generally with round steel welded together, due to corrosion, often every year for anti-corrosion coating, made the glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plank road is the best choice.

Low operation platform, FRP gratings: chemical plant has a large number of operating platform, the platform of the pavement material is glass fiber reinforced plastic grille is reasonable, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille corrosion resistance, no paint, no maintenance, long service life and can be used for 20 years, light weight, compared with the steel, reduce weight 3/4, so you do not need to raise hoisting equipment when installed, and also can be compensated by a support member, for direct support on equipment operation platform, and is more suitable.Bo glass steel grille hole cutting is very convenient, use arc cutting saws can be easily open hole to meet the requirements of equipment installation, and will not cause scattered glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, by opening for the operation of the mobile platform, using glass glass steel grille is more appropriate, in addition to glass fiber reinforced plastic grille have some flexibility, long-term in the above work can alleviate fatigue, improve work efficiency, so it is ideal material of operation platform.

Low glass fiber reinforced plastic grille roof platform: storage tank at the top of the aisle, platform tend to be more serious corrosion, rusting, everywhere is daunting.Suffer from severe corrosion of platform, walkway accidents often exist, made of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille roof platform can completely change the situation.

Low glass fiber reinforced plastic grille offshore oil platforms: offshore oil platform is often paving material for steel plate net, bad weather and ocean sea caused the material corrosion is serious, increase the unsafe factors.Many countries have been successful in the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille in the bad environment.

Use temperature

- 50 degrees - 180 degrees.

Packaging details

pallet. According to requirements


Width 1.22m 1.25m
Henght 2.44m 3.66m 4.05m 4.92m
Thickness 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 38mm 50mm 60mm
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